East Street, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5EE
Building Work Update

We have big plans to extend and improve Corfe Castle Village Hall. This is what we have done so far:

  • Re-roofing work on the main hall completed January 2018
  • Work on the diversion of a sewer completed June 2018
  • Work constructing attenuation tank to deal with surface water completed July 2018
  • Village hall closes for all events from July 23rd 2018, remaining closed throughout August and into September. This will allow contractors to work on modifications to the ceiling, doorways and lighting inside the main hall. Building work will also be continuing on the new extension, with foundations work at the end of July, and steel frame and sub-structure blockwork in August.

If you are interested in helping us to raise the funds needed to bring Corfe Castle Village Hall into the 21st Century, please have a look at our Buy-a-Stone Campaign.

October Update:

The work to completely upgrade the toilet accommodation commences on Monday 15th October and may well last six or more weeks.

During that time, I am afraid that we will have to endure portable toilets in the car park. These are located beside the timber sheds and are enclosed by security fencing with a ‘door’ into the small compound. The security fencing ‘door’ can swung open to allow access and left open whilst the hall is being used. If this door is found to be locked it will be with a combination lock that has a number matching the main hall key box number. Each hall user will have to manage the unlocking and of course re-locking at the start and finish of their use of the hall. It will also be their responsibility to ensure that the padlock doesn’t get ‘lost’.

If using the hall during the evening there are lights that can be turned on or off in the Committee Room – again at the start and finish of each use of the hall. The switch for the lights is located on the south end wall over the long cupboards in the Committee Room. Follow the yellow cable!

We hope that our users can manage this situation themselves as we clearly do not have the manpower to attend at the start and finish of every hall booking.

The new roofing is in well underway and the walls are also progressing well. Although the speed of the external stone walling is controlled by how often the stone layers can turn up – and they appear to be a very rare species!

Many thanks for your continued co-operation.

August Update:

Dear Village Hall Users,

The hall is now shut down for the summer and the contractors are due to move in at the end of next week to carry out the improvements affecting the main hall.
Namely a new ceiling, lighting and blocking up or altering various doors etc.
We have already started on the decorations by getting the primer and undercoats on everything before the new ceiling goes up which will be dirty work.

Many thanks for bearing with us so far particularly during the car park closure and soakaway that wouldn’t. Fortunately that issue has now been resolved and the contractor is working to try and make up for that lost time.

In fact the steel frame is due to start being erected at the end of next week – so at least it will look like things are happening!

All the ‘stuff’ stored at the hall is either in the Committee Room or in roll cage trolleys courtesy of Foleys Spar shop and Sainsbury’s Wareham. Co-op also offered but we had enough by then. We are very grateful for all their generous help. Anything stored in the main hall has to be moveable so that the contractors can gain access to the entire ceiling during the close down.

We now have a new date for being allowed back into the hall in September. But as we also know that works on providing a new & enlarged gas supply to the hall will take place on September 10 - 13th. As this will entail digging a trench through the entrance drive we suspect it will be easier for everyone if we just stay shut until September 17th. This may hopefully give us a week to complete the decoration of the old hall. So a good chance to see what is going on will be the Coffee Morning planned for September 22nd!

All this is based on the latest schedule of works from the contractors – so we can only hope it comes to pass. So please stay tuned for any changes.

We now also know that work on rebuilding all the old toilets is due to start on September 24th. This will mean that we will have to manage with some temporary toilet accommodation out in the car park – thus reducing parking spaces again. (Sorry but unavoidable). We know that this will be far from a perfect situation for some of our users particularly as the dry weather is going to end at some time. All we can do is try to manage the situation as best we can and try to minimize the inconvenience that this will cause. (sorry about the pun).

The current finishing date for all the works we are carrying out this year is now moving into December, maybe even approaching Christmas, if we experience any more unwanted delays.

Please bare with us as best you can and start looking forward to a transformed Village Hall as a huge Christmas Present to the village in time for a bright New Year!

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