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Hirers' Public Liability Summary of Cover

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Subject to agreement by our policyholder, public liability insurance is avaliable to charitable organisations, voluntary organisations, not-for-profit groups and individuals using our policyholder's premises when hired or loaned out to them.

Instructions for:


  • If you agree to provide a hirer of your premises cover under your policy for public liability (whether or not a charge has been included), then a copy of this summary and the Hirers' Public Liability Extension should be provided to the hirer.
  • You should keep a record of each hire or loan of the premises.
  • Any tenants or sub-tenants using your premises should arrange separate insurance cover in their own name as the Hirer' Public Liability Extension is not designed to provide the cover they would need.


  • This summary outlines the main features of cover and significant exclusions that applies to you.
  • Do read the Hirers' Public Liability Extension (you should be given a copy of this document by the policyholder) that contains all the terms, conditions, exclusions and special requirements that you need to comply with.
  • Hirers' Public Liability Extension is provided on respect of the use of our policyholder's premises only and does not extend to your activities at any other location.
  • It is your responsibility to check with th policyholder that their insurance policy has not been cancelled and that the period of insurance covers the date(s) when you use the premises.
  • The Hirers' Public Liability Extension may not be sufficent to meet your insurance needs and you should consider obtaining advice from an insurance advisor about having your own insurance policy.
  • At the request of the policyholder, we will defend claims and pay for damages to third parties if you are found to be legally liable.

Making a claim

  • If a claim is made against the hirer, then the hirer must notify the policyholder straight away.
  • The policyholder must not delay in advising us or their insurance advisor about a claim.
  • Should the hirer notify us in the first instance, we will need to obtain a request to deal with the claim from our policyholder.
  • The hirer and the policyholder must not make any promise to pay a claim.
  • Any letter or document in respect of a claim must be sent immediately to us unanswered.

Summary of Hirers' Public Liability cover

Cover and limits

Hirers liability - legal liability for injury to the public or damage to their property by persons or organisations hiring the policyholder's premises under a contractual agreement during the period of insurance and occuring at the premises in the course of the hirers' activities.

A minimum indemnity limit of £2,000,000 for any one claim including costs and expenses (a higher indemnity limit may apply depending on the type of policy or if selected by the policyholder).

Significant exclusions

£250 excess for third party property damage
Abuse (physical, sexual, medical or psychological) and insulting behaviour
Bodily injury to a hirer's employee or volunteer
Contractual liability
Commercial organisations for their business activities
Defamation, libel and slander
Fines or penalties
Firework displays or bonefire events
Goods sold or supplied other than food or drink at the premises
Professional advice, error or services
Property being worked upon
Specified excluded activites or activities involving the use of specified excluded items
Treatment other than first aid
Use of mechanically propelled vehicles
Use of the premises by political, lobbying or activist groups

Special requirements

  • These are aimed at reducing the risk of liability for loss, damange or injury.
  • They only apply if they relate to the hirer's activities.
  • We will not pay a claim (unless we say oherwise) if the hirer fails to keep to a special requirement.
  • See the Hirers' Public Liabilty Extension document for full details of the special requirements.

Special requirements / Summary of special requirements

Using bouncy castles and other land based inflatable or trampolines / Supervison, safety and location requirements for equipment
Use of gym equipment / Supervision and training
Use of a baptistry / Safety checks and procedures
Face painting and henna tattoos / Safety procedures and hygiene precautions
Fixed outdoor adventure and playground equipment / Supervision

Complaints procedure

If you have any reason to complain about the advice or services you have recieved, please contact us as soon as possible, Full details of our complaints procedure are contained within the Hirers' Public Liability Extension document.

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